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Looking for the best binary options broker

Looking for the best binary options broker

Looking for the best binary options broker! Company CallandPut is the best binary options broker that focuses on simple and accessible to everyone trading. According to CallandPut, just a few steps separatea trader from the professional activity. At the same time, when you reach your dreams, customers can take advantage of a wide range of services ranging from free trade signals, ending with market analysts and news support trading. In addition, the company provides its traders with an excellent web platform Tradesmarter, which is today one of the most innovative and professional platforms in the world.

The company offers its traders a profit from 71% to 400%. The minimum deposit that you should make is only $ 250 and the minimum bet can be only $ 20. This broker also provides its traders with the possibility to practice your skills on a demo account, to get acquainted with some educational materials and to use a mobile version of the program.

binbotpro Looking for the best binary options broker

It won’t take you a lot of time to become a client. It will happen immediately after completing the registration form, which takes about 2 minutes.

After registeringyou will find yourself on the page of account funding. Here it is offered 4 different currency deposits, namely, AUD, GBP, USD, EUR, as well as a sufficient number of options for making the most of currency funds to your trading account. By the way, among the possible ways of updatingyou will find almost all popular payment systems. So, in this case, CallandPut is on the top.

The trading in the company CallandPut is carried out by the terminal Tradesmarter. The most important and positive feature that distinguishes it from other web platforms, is the functionality of the software. First, some types of options are put in a separate block called StrategiXthat in some sense allocates highly profitable (to 400%) binary options in comparison with those which generate the revenue of 65% -70%. Secondly, there is a “multi-window” principle in the platform through which a trader can watch the charts with 4trading assets. Third, the response of the terminal on the trader’s order is immediate and gives you the time to buy and sell, which is useful when trading 60 seconds options.

It is also convenient that every trader can compose his own personal arsenal of trading assets and place it in the “favorites”, which will prevent you from additional searching for a particular tool and the option to trade. However, in the platform you will not find even a hint of any tools for technical analysis.

CallandPut offers 51 assets for trading, namely: 17 shares, 11 currency pairs, 6 commodities and 17 indices. It seems to you that it is not enough? However, it is difficult to find a trader who trades at least 5 assets at once. So, even with such amount of assets you can find decent options for trading. Looking for the best binary options broker

Company CallandPut provides each trader with a bonus of 50% of the total replenishment for the first deposit. In addition, if the transaction of the client is about 50% of the deposit, the company will automatically insure financial risks offsetting half of incurred losses.

CallandPut offers such kinds of options:

– «Hi-Low» this is a popular type of option, which is included in any package of the terminal for a binary trading. Making a profit on this type of option is possible with the right prediction of the directions of the price of the asset.

– “60 Seconds” this is an option for high-speed trading. Thus, the technologyof the trade coincides with the previous option, except the timing of expiration, which in this form of the option is 30 seconds, 60 second, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Looking for the best binary options broker

– «StrategiX» – a set of options, including:

Above / Below is an option to redeem the level specified in the terms of the contract. Making a profit is dependent on how well the trader predicts the fact of redemption the price of the specified strike level.

Range is the option to trade in the channel. It depends on whether the price remains within a range specified in terms of the price channel or goes beyond its limits. That trader must predict when a deal for a tradable asset.

Touch is the option to trade on touching the level specified in the conditions of the transaction. In this case, the trader is betting that the price touches the set strike level.

No-Touch is the option in which the trader makes bets that the price will not touch the conditions specified in the strike level.

So, among the most prominent advantages of call and put we can underline a great interface with a choice of parameters “favorites”; a good list of options for trading with a dedicated unit StrategiX, a good list of assets; good response of the program to the trading orders of the trader and sucure trading, of course.

Looking for the best binary options broker